Path Through The Forest

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Basic Information

  • Yeekoo Games
  • Casual Puzzle
  • 22
  • 2018-02-12
  • 70.41MB

About The Game

Can you help Amy find her path and overcome the challenges that lie ahead in this enchanting puzzle adventure? A perilous journey Each of Path Through The Forest's worlds introduces a unique rhinestone with new mechanics to master and new ways of solving puzzles. From illuminating the way forward to moving entire platforms, Amy must harness the power of each new rhinestone to complete her journey. Only you can help her find the courage within and discover what lies beyond the Path Through The Forest. Explore beautiful worlds: Five gorgeous worlds to journey through, each with a unique set of challenges. Set out as dawn breaks, feel the twilight sun, traverse the enchanting night and the beautiful valley, and finally bask under the gaze of the myriad of stars. Help Amy discover what lies at the edge of the forest: Each level continues the compelling narrative of Amy’s journey. Path Through The Forest's bewitching soundtrack and charming ambient sound effects create an evocative atmosphere leave you with a lasting experience. Let your imagination run wild: Let your imagination loose by grabbing new skins and experimenting with layouts to create new challenges.

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